What We Believe

As a confessional Reformed, Christian church, we adhere to several faithful summaries of biblical doctrine.


Along with true Christians in all times and in all places, we adhere to the historic Christian creeds:


As a Reformed church, our spiritual heritage is traced back to the Protestant Reformation of the 16th century. The Protestant Reformation recovered the supreme importance of the Bible’s authority for faith and life and the truth of God’s sovereignty in salvation. To defend the biblical truth against error and to unite faithful Christians in the confession of that truth, the Reformed churches adopted confessional documents to serve as faithful summaries of biblical truth.

The three historic confessional documents of the Reformed churches are:

These documents are often referred to as the Three Forms of Unity because they serve as the basis for the confessional unity of the members of Community, as well the unity among the churches in our federation, the United Reformed Churches in North America. We confess that these documents accurately summarize the fundamental truths of Scripture.

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